Peter Henry Waterschoot, PHW
Copyright 2023

Peter H. Waterschoot (°1969, Ghent) is a visual artist based in Ghent, Belgium. His work is a joust with time and texture, it invites you to lose yourself in reverie or melancholy.

It is an oeuvre that is carefully stripped of time and space markers.

Hotels, curtains, lost glory: all fixed values in Waterschoot's photographs, depicting the moment after, or before the event. A Janus look on the current of time; is it a story on nostalgia or a future dystopia? We see a cinematographic dreamworld built with elements from the real world in a a wild chromatic spectrum, from saffron gold to electric blue. His work has strong meditative undercurrent.

The photographs by Peter H. Waterschoot have been published as books; ‘AT THE SKIN OF TIME ’ (2018), ‘SUNSET MEMORY’ (2021), but also in different magazines such as Collect Magazine, De Standaard, Halogénure, the Artcouch, e.a. The artist has exhibited in Musée de la photography à Charleroi, lens based media at CCHA (Hasselt), DE WARANDE, PAK (Gistel), MI*Gallery (Paris), Casa Argentaurum (Gent), Galerie Zwart Huis (Brussel), Arture (Brussel), Villa Des Zéphyrs (Middelkerke) and more.